Imagine finding a way to create more relaxation in your stressful life. You feel free and happy. You can say goodbye to your fears and feel as if you are on a relaxing vacation, no matter what is going on in your life.

I can teach you how to organize, process and store all the information and thoughts in your head, anytime, anywhere.

In the Netherlands we lived in a busy city and we longed for a life with more peace and quiet, with more nature around us. In 2006 we moved to Portugal, where we bought a quinta in the foothills of the Serra da Estrela mountains. In the years that followed we worked hard on our dream: we cleaned the neglected and overgrown quinta and renovated our house and two holiday homes that we rented out to nature lovers. We lived as self-sufficient as possible and enjoyed our life in nature and village life with our many Portuguese friends.

It was not stress-free, but we had different challenges than in the Netherlands. For example, whether enough rain would fall to fill the wells, the health of our animals, whether the vegetable garden would be enough to feed us in the winter and of course the forest fires. Our greatest fear became reality when our quinta and our house burned down in the great fire of 2017. It took us a year to get back on track, to sell our quinta and to make new plans.

I started organizing retreats for coaches and trainers in the Netherlands and Belgium and thus came into contact with many (former) colleagues. In the Netherlands I worked for more than 20 years as a Social Psychiatric Nurse with young people and adults. That sort of assistance started to itch for me again because of these contacts, especially when I noticed that many people in my environment, just like me, still experienced a lot of trouble from what happened during the fire in 2017.

I started looking for a way to help myself and others and followed the MatriX Professional training at the MatriX Institute and got my certificate NLP Practitioner(Neuro-Linguistic Programming). I felt much calmer in a very short time, I no longer suffered from re-experiences and stress and I found more joy pleasure in life. Having your own control over your thoughts and feelings. I wish that to everyone!

At the moment there are approximately 1500 MatriX Professionals working in the Netherlands and various other countries and the number is growing fast. I am currently the first and only in Portugal to work with the MatriX Method in Portuguese, English and Dutch.
Thousands of people have now been helped with this method to feel freer and happier in their lives.

Do not hesitate to contact me for a free half-hour consultation. You can ask all your questions and we can speak about how I can help you. 

Abraço, Selinde


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