Do you have one or more of the following complaints:

*  - A busy and full head, worrying, constantly worrying - I can teach you how to organize and clear all information and emotions in your head. All information about your work, school, home and private life and all your thoughts and emotions will have their own place so that you experience peace and space in your head.

Learning difficulties, difficulty remembering information or concentration problems - I will help you to properly store the basic information in your long-term memory. Basic information such as the alphabet, the hundred field and the tables. Everything you learn after that links to your stored basic information. For example, if you have never stored the alphabet properly, you may find it difficult to learn new words, write or read a text.

Unprocessed emotions - Grief, sadness or anger can be present in your brain and body for a long time and affect your daily life. Processing these emotions helps you to live a freer and happier life.

 Fears and phobias (fear of failure, fear of the dentist, fear of animals animals, fear of flying, fear of driving, fear of exams, fear of heights, etc.) or maybe you experienced something bad that you still suffer from (trauma) - We all experience things in our lives that were engraved in our memory. Often these things have a major impact on our daily life and sometimes even years later we still suffer from them. The images of this event are stored by yourself in your brain. With the MatriX Method I can help you neutralize these images so that you no longer suffer from them, without having to talk about the content of the event and without reliving it.

Pain complaints for which no medical cause can be found, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and stress-related physical complaints. I can help you change your pain experience. Your brain is very powerful and you can learn to influence your pain or physical discomfort yourself.

Children: Do you have a child with a bullying history at school, fear of failure, fear of animals, or unprocessed emotions? Or does your child have difficulty with learning languages or maths? I can teach them how to tidy up their mind, learn HOW to learn, to discharge unpleasant experiences and I can teach your child how to keep control so that they can continue with confidence.

I will help you regain control of your own brain. 

Usually 1-3 appointments are needed to resolve your complaint. Even with problems that have been bothering you for years. That is why there is no waiting list and there is always time for you.

Feel free to contact me for a free introductory meeting of half an hour.

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