I help you regain control of your own mind with the MatriX Method, a proven solution for preventing and solving mental problems. The method was developed in the Netherlands by Ingrid Stoop and scientifically proved in 2020.

The MatriX Method focuses on preventing and solving mental problems in five areas:


The MatriX Method is a powerful way of asking questions, in which you discover and apply your own solution to your problem. Problems that have arisen in the past or may happen in the future are solved in their own way by the person themselves with this conversation technique. Without reliving or talking about the cause.
All senses are used: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting and thinking.

 If you don't want to share the story behind your problem because it’s too intense or too unpleasant, you don't have to talk about it to be able to solve it effectively. Young people in particular sometimes find it difficult to share their story.


You change the strategy that you unconsciously use in your daily life. If you replace this obstructive strategy with a better one, one that you come up with yourself and therefore suits you exactly, the problem will solve itself. Fast, save and forever. You tackle the problem at the root and therefore the effect is permanent. With a new, much more efficient strategy, you also prevent any future problems.

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