Read other people's experience here. For privacy reasons, the names have been changed:

 “I tried the Tidying Your Mind method and I strongly recommend it! It is very effective for organizing thoughts and emotions. It brings us more peace and a feeling of lightness. Try it! ”



She had a lot of stress

 “In 2017 there was a huge fire that caused me trauma. I thought it would pass with time, but it didn't. I finally decided to apply the MatriX Method. My life has changed completely. Now I can enjoy it again. ”



Had trauma from the wildfires of 2017 

 “My mind is calm again and finally I can think clearly. I was also able to sleep a whole night without waking up or walking around.
It only took one 'Tidy Your Mind' session. Thanks to the MatriX Method, I feel like new. ” 



Had sleep problems

 “I recommend this method for those who really need it and for those who have a high level of stress, along with anxiety. It's good to get your head together and try to have a better life. ”



 Had repetitive thoughts of fear

 “I loved the workshop Tidying Your Mind! A central theme for us to live our daily lives better. With calm, focus and a lot of cleanliness, our present is much better! Thank you ❤ “  



Participated in a workshop 

 “Tidying his mind had an immediate effect. I see that my son is calmer and that he can concentrate better. He now knows how to do it alone daily. His self-confidence has grown and he is no longer a victim of bullying at school. My son enjoyed working with Selinde. ”



Brought her 13-year-old son with concentration problems and a past of bullying

 “This method taught me to change my experience of back pain, which made me more relaxed and my pain really decreased. I had been in pain for years and I tried everything and now I get out of bed every morning without pain. I almost can't believe it ” 



Had back pain, but the doctor couldn't find anything wrong

 “This method is really advisable. For the first time I rode a small plane with a maximum capacity of 19 people. I was a little afraid to do it. But Selinde helped me to overcome this fear with the MatriX Method. I managed to get on the plane without any fear. ”



Was afraid to get on a plane

 “I just had a session with Selinde to address my fear of cockroaches and we focused on a specific event that contained a memory that affected me a lot. After 10 or 15 minutes at the most, the feelings associated with that event were no longer the same as before, nor was my vision of said event. A fantastic technique, where Selinde guided me calmly and clearly. This problem of cockroaches always seemed to be very big, because I couldn't solve it. After this session, it isn’t that big anymore because, with Selinde guiding me, I changed some things myself so that those memories no longer affect me. ”



Had been afraid of cockroaches for years

"The coaching with the MatriX Method has made me feel better about myself. No more tense abdominal muscles and no stress. With the MatriX Method I have physically solved old pain by destroying it in a visualization in fire, cleaning and bringing in a new feeling. Selinde is calm and reliable. She is pleasant to listen to during the visualizations. Before I came to Selinde I felt empty, I lived my life flat and without pleasure. I was no longer radiant, no longer energetic, I fought for it but I couldn't get to it. Do you really want change in your life because of the trauma you have experienced? Go for it, it's so amazing what this fairly simple method can do for you! I feel blissful, happy, full of energy because of the MatriX Method. And I have been given tools to solve it myself if I run into something." 



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